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'Zhao Fu, here let your older brother drink with you' A man that had his face blurred walked in a dimly lit room towards another person. In his hand was what seemed like a gla.s.s filled with wine.


"W-what is this? Where am I?" In the black darkness that enveloped the world, a sound vibrated. The sound was that of a young man, not too deep nor too high.


'Gong Fu, wait I should call you family head now, right? Haha' A different voice resounded in the blurred vision this time. It matched the voice that resounced in the dark abyss.

'Haha! Younger brother, there is no need to be humble. Here let us just toast on this happy occasion. Father must be somewhere above.' The man with his face blurred drank the wine without hesitation. The other, younger man also gulped the drink.


"Isn't this when I was drinking with Gong Fu? Why am I seeing this now?" The voice traveled through the darkness with a hint of confusion. As the voice traversed the blinding darkness, it stopped in front of what seemed like a small egg.

"What is this? Where the h.e.l.l am I?" The egg shook, the voice through the egg like air out of a pipe.


'ARG! What is this? I am feeling hot. Brother, what is in this drink?' The younger man fell off his chair as the vision focused on the other, older man.

'Zhao Fu? What is going on? Wait here, let me go call a physician, try to hold on!' The blurred Gong Fu rushed out the door as the vision finally vanished into a puff of smoke.


"These visions! Don't tell me, I died? How could that be? I was in that room just a minute ago." The voice seemed to quiver as the darkness began to finally seem existent to it."If I died, then this must be the after life, but why am I in such a dark place? I have done good deeds my whole life, shouldn't I be in heaven? If heaven, then where is the fiery h.e.l.l?" The voice began to panic, but that was all it could. The thick black that blocked his vision wasn't something it could resist.

"Ssss! Ssseeemssss, the little onessss are ready to be relea.s.ssed. Ssss!" Suddenly, a voice resounded from somewhere in the darkness. It seemed to be close to Zhao Fu, yet also somewhat far. The voice was that of a females, however it sounded cold and even somewhat deadly.

"W-who are you! Let me out of here! Please, I have done good my whole life, why am I not in heaven?" Zhao Fu screamed loudly, but there was no reply.

Shake Shake

Suddenly, the egg that the voice resided in began to move. It b.u.mped into other objects, some hard while others soft. The darkness was still there, but the movement made Zhao Fu somewhat anxious.

"What's going on? G.o.d, are you allowing me to go heaven now? G.o.d? Are you there? Is anyone there?" Zhao Fu was beginning to feel more frantic.


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