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Break The World Starting From Dragon Clan Chapter 413

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Lu Chen straightened his expression, just made a small joke, and returned to the subject, looked towards Lu Mingze and asked: "So you haven't said yet, why is Junior Brother Lu? So weak?"

He did not ask the question why World Tree has a conscious soul. The tree that supports the world in mythology, as a life individual, is naturally extraordinary, and conscious and normal.

Lu Mingfei also mentioned his mind, he wondered whether he could strengthen another wave, that is not taking off! ?

Lu Mingze looked at Lu Mingfei with an inexplicable smile, "Don’t think about it, big brother, that’s how you are, you are indeed a good reincarnation of World Tree, but think about it, World Tree is powerful It lies in his powerful life, in the primordial body, but those have been destroyed by Niederhogg, your current body is only gradually transformed under the influence of the soul, which is not comparable to that of the past."

"Then you still let me trade?"

Lu Mingfei is puzzled.

"Your soul and body are indeed regarded as monsters. At the same time, the power of life is also inherited. "Don’t die". This language spirit is your original power and symbolizes life. This is a very strong The power of searching for the gods and various monsters in the mythology. There is no such restorative power that can be used. This is your exclusive."

Lu Mingze changed his voice, "There is always But, big brother, you are not the same tree that year. The advantage is that you can run around at will. The disadvantage is that your power and body are different from those in the past by a million miles apart, and for some reason, your power is basically lost. , Now you can be strengthened by Daxia Lu to this point, so be content."

Lu Mingfei thought slightly, thinking of a certain probability, and hesitatingly asked: "You can also use my language spirit, right? , The transaction you are talking about is..."

Lu Mingze nodded, "Yes, your power, in my body, I did not have such a powerful one."

" You are actually a thief, take my power and sell it to me? This business is too profitable, right?" Lu Mingfei was a little surprised, he thought it was Lu Mingze "Grant" his own power, but after a long time, the power was originally his own.

Lu Mingze smiled, "How can the big brother say that? I didn’t steal your power, but you gave it to me. The big brother just forgot, if the big brother wanted it. …I can return it to you."

"No need to trade, give it for nothing?"

Lu Ming asked non-tentatively.

"I can give the big brother all at once. After all, this power can only be exerted on the big brother you. I am just the custodian. After you regain the power, you may not be able to fight Nidhoor Let’s take a fight, the big brother can consider it."

Lu Mingze’s voice bewitched.

Lu Chen

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