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Freedom, personal responsibility and charity, what do these words mean to us, as individuals? As a people? Have these words been distorted so egregiously, that we've forgotten their true meanings altogether? It was, 'We the people,' not, 'We the centrally-planned governance.' We the people have the freedom to determine our own fate for better or worse. We have a responsibility to ourselves, our families and our communities, not some bureaucrat ten states away. We have a responsibility to the less fortunate than us. We have a responsibility to support the needs of others through our churches and our civic organizations. I know that when I give a dollar to my church, ninety cents makes it to the cause I chose to support. What government dares boast such efficiency and integrity?

There is a very real possibility that, after this election is over, you won't get any help from the Federal government, regardless if I'm elected. You have the responsibility of rebuilding your towns and cities. And it starts in your living rooms with your own families. You must elect honest, responsible, local leaders to guide your communities' rebirth. You must reestablish the rule of law and the sacred rights of property. This election is not for who'll govern you in the coming months, but for who will lay the foundation for a completely new government that will emerge in the coming years. It will either dictate to you or be dictated by you. You have a choice to make; continue on this reckless course or reign in your government before it consumes you whole.

I leave you all with this scripture from Paul to the Ephesians, 'Therefore put on the full armor of G.o.d, so that when the day of evil comes, you may be able to stand your ground, and after you have done everything, to stand.' We're not guaranteed tomorrow by this pa.s.sage, but we're guaranteed a life and legacy that is pleasing to the Lord, our G.o.d. Thank you, and G.o.dspeed."

The crowd erupted with a standing ovation. Their cheers resounded through the cafe's speakers as the senator waved and left the stage. The clamoring crowd began to wane until Senator Ames reemerged to the sounds of a cla.s.sic rock anthem. His encore appearance pressed the people into a fever. The contagion affecting the group began to infect the cafe's patrons; they also burst into a raucous display. Coffee mugs clinked in makes.h.i.+ft toasts and forks were thrust high in the air.

After a minute or two of pandemonium, the cafe began to calm. The mayor arose from a booth that also sat his wife and two children. He raised a hand and addressed the patrons.

"The man can work a crowd, can't he?"

Applause and cheers erupted again.

"Don't get me wrong, he is speaking my language, but let's not get our hopes too high; he's still just a man. Just like the last one, and the one before him, they all sound good until they get into office. Let us pray that Senator Ames is indeed the man we believe him to be, and we get a

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