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Chapter 112: I Am Here To Talk To You About A Business Deal

The man was a beautiful mix. His curly hair coupled with his sapphire blue eyes, snow-white skin, and pronounced facial features made him look like a living statue.

He looked like he was in his mid-20s. His silk shirt softly fluttered in the breeze and wrapped his body tightly, showing off his perfect physique.

He smiled and looked at Ning Li in delight and astonishment. Then, he stepped out of his car and opened his arms to welcome her with a hug.


Ning Li was shocked. She heard that G&S would send someone to pick her up, but she did not expect the son of the owner. She nodded and reached out to him for a handshake instead.

“Nice to meet you.”

George noticed her reaction. He smiled and changed his hug to a handshake. “I heard from Edmond that girls here are all pretty conservative, so I guess it’s true.”

Despite his looks, he was able to command fluent Mandarin.

Ning Li shook his hand for less than a second. “Thank you for picking me up.”

George whistled. “Aside from your sketches, you alone are worthy for me to come here myself.”

He had seen countless beautiful women, but Ning Li stood out from the rest. His frank attitude and enthusiasm would make a lot of girls giggle in bashfulness, but Ning Li had heard of him before, so she did not take him seriously.

George was the son of the owner of G&S. He had the best resources in the fashion world, and his wealth was immeasurable. With that beautiful face of his, he was able to shuttle his way around many beautiful women.

Rumor had it that he changed his girlfriend every three months and was a regular name in the gossip column of newspapers or magazines.

He was extremely charming with his words, especially with a mix of sincerity in between the lines. He was able to win trust easily which became one of his specialties.

He lifted his chin at his car and said, “Hop in.”

The yellow sports car sped through the highway and the scenery on both sides became a blur.

Ning Li tried to sightsee as much as she could.

The night view of Jingcheng was astonishing as it was prosperous and lively. Lights were everywhere and everything seemed extra vivid. It has been a while since she saw such a lively and beautiful scene.

“I didn’t send my picture over, so how did you recognize me?” she asked George.

George smiled brightly. “I don’t need a picture to know it’s you.”

Before he came, he had her sketches for a long time. A person’s temperament was usually reflected in his or her work. It was a strange and indescribable feeling, but he had known that it was her.


He smiled and winked at Ning Li. “You are a lot shorter than I expected.”

Then, he saw the bag in Ning Li’s hand. “Is that all you brought?”

“I will be only staying for the weekend,” Ning Li replied succinctly.

George was shocked. “Two days? That’s too short. The press conferen

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